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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Funny Valentine.

What is it with Valentines Day? It's a cynical attempt by greeting card manufacturers to get us to part with our money after all. Why then does it matter so much when yet again, Mr Postie fails to deliver the truck load of cards you've been hoping for?

It shouldn't matter a jot really, should it? It's all a load of mushy bollocks. Or so the Radio 5 Live phone-ins would have us believe. I don't really agree I'm afraid. But then I'm just a failed romantic.

I have sent a fair few cards to the secretly admired in the past and although the person it was sent to has worked out it was from me (on one ocassion by soemone telling them, the bastard)I have not had any success. Even in the last relationship I was in I showered the woman with cards, chocolates and roses and didn't even get a card. She did present me with a pair of boxer shorts though. Not exactly a romantic gesture!!

The last few years I have chosen to be a bit more circumspect and have held off from sending the card to the 'girl wot I fancy'. Not only has this saved me money it also saves you all the stress of getting it to them and then the stress of them finding out it was from you and being horrified and all the embarressment that it may cause them. Maybe I'm getting to be a realist in my old age. I usually get really pissed off with all the constant talk of romance on the tv and radio around this time of year. As a single person, you are again reminded of your single status and that you might just be a bit freaky. This year I feel a lot better about being single at this time of year. I'll not be spending my evening over a romantic meal, oh know. I'm going to yoga. Far more productive than moping about not get any lurve action ;-)

If you have had a lovely romantic gesture made to you this year, in the form of a card, flowers, choccies, or even, God forbid a pair of pants, then I hope the rest of the day is a lovely romantic one for you.

If you haven't received zip, or are on your own, then I'd like to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day.


Blogger The Goldfish said...

I must admit Valentine's Day has got to me a bit this year and I'm very happily in love. It has just irritated me so much; so much advertising for gifts and stuff, and all of it such tat.

I have never sent a Valentine's card to anyone I fancy - sent a few to friends who I decided needed a secret admirer. I was always careful; usually sending the card first to someone who was visiting London or another major city and asking them to post it there, so it could never be traced to me. I can change my handwriting quite dynamically so they never guessed.

Was this a nice thing or a nasty thing to do, do you think? I'm not sure now.

3:57 pm

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

All I ever got were joke Valentines. Nowadays I'd be glad of the laugh...

4:32 pm

Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell was most amused when the lovely Vaughan sent her this link.

5:18 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

I don't think you're nasty at all Goldfish, quite the opposite in fact. It probably gave your friend a well deserved boost.

Glad that you're all loved up!! Good to hear someone is.

7:30 pm


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