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Friday, February 03, 2006

Belle & Sebastian Live Cambridge Corn Exchange 2nd February 2006

If You Find Yourself Caught In Love

If you find yourself caught in love
Say a prayer to the man above
Thank him for everything you know
You should thank him for every breath you blow

If you find yourself caught in love
Say a prayer to the man above
You should thank him for every day you pass
Thank him for saving your sorry ass

If you’re single, but looking out
You must raise your prayer to a shout
Another partner must be found
Someone to take your life beyond
Another TV “I Love 1999”Just one more box of cheapo wine

If you find yourself caught in love
You should say a prayer to the man above
If you don’t listen to the voices then my friend
You’ll soon run out of choices
What a pity it would be
You talk of freedom don’t you see
The only freedom that you’ll ever really know
Is written in books from long ago
Give up your will to Him that loves you
Things will change, I’m not saying overnight
But something has to give
You’re too good looking not to live

If you find yourself out of love
Shed a tear for the one you love
Tell your boss that you’ve gone away
Down your tools for a holiday
If you’re going off to war then I wish you well
But don’t be sore
If I cheer the other team
Killing people’s not my scene
I prefer to give the inhabitants a say
Before you blow their town away
I like to watch them play
I like to marvel at the beauty of a simple village girl
Why should she be the one who’s killed?
If you find yourself caught in love...

I am a happy Marmite today. Last night I wen to see the marvelous Belle & Sebastian in Cambridge and they encored with my current favourite favourite Belle song (reproduced above). They were, as usual on top form, with a selection of tracks right back to the first album. Hearing, as Stevie introduced it, the first flop single The State I'm In was a treat too. They highlighted the new album The Life Pursuit which I have been lucky enough to have heard (it's not out until Monday) and a fair few of the sell out crowd were singing the new songs straight back at them. Stuart Murdoch entertained us with some spectularly crap dancing and a grand time was had by all.

Belle and Sebastian must be one of the happiest bands around. The atmosphere they generate at gigs is fantastic. I always leave B&S gigs with a huge grin on my face. They are a very good tonic indeed. I recommend them highly. I'll be seeing them again next Friday for a another dose. Can't wait.


Blogger Terry Funk said...

It's funny, I remember the TV series Belle and Sebastian which ran in the early eighties. It ran for quite a wehile and highlighted the adventures of a young boy named Sebastian, his Pyrenean mountain dog, Belle, and the little puppy he carried in his pocket called Poochie - I always thought Poochie got a rought deal with the title (Belle, Sebastian & Poochie would have been fairer). In the show Sebastian was searching desperately for his mother, Isobelle, and his journeys took him throughout Spain, Andorra, and France. It was based on a book by author Cécile Aubry if I remember rightly.

1:50 pm

Blogger The Goldfish said...

I posted a comment here yesterday but it vanished - every comment I posted anywhere yesterday seems to have vanished like an old oak table!

Anyway, I said that I regard Stuart Murdoch as a honoury crip musician as he is in full remission from ME which he had in his childhood. He has raised lots of money for research and support and generally rocks.

Know next to nothing about the music. Can you recommend a good album to start with?

Wow! the Word Verification very almost says "Bauhaus"

8:22 pm

Blogger Turtle said...

Is it wrong that makes me happy? i suspect it is. Fuzzy logic. that's a SFA album, i thought i'd done something clever there. but no.

I'd say If You're Feeling Sinister is a good starter album. Marmite may differ..

there's a live version on itunes atm.

"nobody writes them like they used to, so it may as well be me..."

3:30 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Hmm that'sa good question. I love them all.

Dear Catastrophe Waitress is one of my favourites. Their albums are all good though.

2:01 pm


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