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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Everyday Is Like Sunday.

I'm not totally convinced by Morrisey's argument that 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. Even in this 'seaside town they forgot to close down'.

What is it about Sundays that make them so drab? I have never been a church goer (owing to the small matter of not beieving in God), so it has no religious significance for me. Even as a child I can remember hating Sundays. Nothing ever happens on Sundays despite that in modern Britian the shops are open and the telly isn't full of religious programming (well not as much as it used to be).You can even go to the cinema and watch sport. Fun is allowed!! When I was a kid I can remember the authorities not allowing fun of any kind what so ever. Sure, if the mood took you you could go and offer praise to whoever your lord was, but that's not really meant to be fun is it?

I have a theory, and although it is yet to be scientically tested, I believe it is indisputable. My theory, which is mine, is that you could sleep for years and years and if you woke up on a Sunday you'd be able to tell, without anyone telling you the day, that it was indeed, a Sunday. Such is the power of the drudge that is Sunday. Mondays of course mean returning to work, so that doesn't come high on the list of days, but at least it's not a Sunday. I used to think it's horror was because Last Of The Summer Wine was on the telly, but it's not on the box 52 weeks a year so it can't be that. Of course this cannot be said of Songs Of Praise but I can't really blame that either because I have never seen a complete episode. Is it just a British thing? Does Mumpy wake upon an American Sunday morning with that Sunday feeling? Does the Melbourne skyline look altogether greyer on a Sunday for Stella? Is it just me? Does everybody else rise on a Sunday with a spring in their step/stick/crutches/wheels? Is it just because I'm a miserable sod;-)

It's now almost 4 o'clock. By my reckoning there is only 8 hours to go until Monday and Sunday will be gone for another week.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Have you ever come across that classic Tony Hancock radio show "Sunday Afternoon?"

Sundays were even worse in the Fifties, according to that.

4:38 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Hi Mr D,

That episode contains my favourite Hancock line;

"I thought my mothers gravy was bad but at least hers used to move about a bit".


6:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nah, sundays a wimpy now Marm. In the old days you'd see little or no traffic on the road, shops would be shut & it forced families to be\get together (in the words of the Pistols "coz theres f**k all else to do..."). But now, sunday feels like any other day. It is now officially the busiest shopping day for large retail outfits, the roads are packed (with shoppers no doubt) & to me it feels much the same as a saturday. To be honest, i preferest the old sundays as it forced a nice rest, but nows its as manic as the rest.

Terry Funk

6:09 pm

Blogger The Goldfish said...

There are only two characteristics which define Sunday for me these days, which are (1) AJ's Dad phones up at 10am exactly and (2) there's no post. Apart from that it is like every other day of the week for me - which sounds like my life is very dull. I prefer to call it "flexible".

6:40 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

'Does Mumpy wake upon an American Sunday morning with that Sunday feeling?'
-Yes (short answer)

-According to Mumpy's Law (a bit like Murphy's Law but much more dreadful), mail on Saturday comes late in the day and always contains Insurance Denials, Termination of Benefits, Bills for Strange/already paid for/etc Services, nasty letters from the doctors office over complete misunderstandings, etc. This means that Sunday is spent fuming, stressing and feeling sick over things that cannot be resolved until Monday. (long answer)

I'm with you MB. I vote for skipping Sunday all together!

1:10 am

Blogger pete said...

Hello Mr Marmite. Hows your lifes sago?

Every time I think about Sundays, that blooming song from the Small Faces starts playing in me head!

Mustn't grumble.

1:32 pm


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