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Monday, January 02, 2006

Rip It Up And Start Again.

Hurrah, not only is 2005 is over but I'n back online again.

It's not been one of my favourite years to be honest. I did have an addition to my family in Twiglet the kitten and I had the somewhat dubious pleasure of celebrating my 40th birthday and having a fab surprise party thrown for me by my friends and family. My great friend Lady Bracknell became North West Disabled Person of the Year, I started this blog and went to over twenty gigs. Apart from that I haven't had much to get cheery about.

My impairment worsened and gave me a lot of pain and my mental state had a blip (although it didn't get as bad as it did in 2004). The later has caused me to really think about what I need to do to alleviate the anxiety and depression I have been experiencing again this year.
Tomorrow I start on an expensive course of hypnotherapy and I feel starting this so early in the year is like starting a new page in my life. Hopefully this year will be a positive one. I know what I want from life but if it doesn't happen I hope the therapy can give me the tools to handle it and not make so much of it. I want to be a person with a lot more self esteem so I can start to feel better about myself. In turn I want to be less anxious about my singledom. Feeling desperate is not a good thing and if I've learnt nothing else this year it is this.

So I'm entering 2006 with some optimism, although sprinkled with a fair pinch of trepidation too. I have seven gigs and one comedy show (a benefit gig for the late great Malcolm Hardee's children) booked already this year so it looks like I might be busy enough.

I'm looking forward to the possibility of meeting some of you I haven't met this year and meeting up again with those of you that I already know.

May you and yours (be they human, canine, feline or in The Goldfishes case a fishy)have a lovely 2006.


Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Hi MB, glad to see your internet problems have been remedied! See it's a great start to 2006.
I hope you have a good visit with the hypnotherapist, but if you start to cluck like a chicken I'd advise finding a new one (perhaps I've seen too many movies). Seriously though, all the best and lots of positive energy sent your way as we enter the new year :)

2:23 am

Blogger pete said...

Way to go MB!

Good to hear that you are up and running again internet wise.

Perhaps you could ask the hypnotherapist to put in a cure for your aversion to all things that are carrot coloured and look like carrots;-)

Right orf to me basket-weaving,
see ya,

9:43 am

Blogger Katie said...

Hi Marmiteboy,

Glad to see you're up and running on the internet again! Happy 2006 to you!

Hope this year is better than the last and that you have a great year.
I'm starting the year off good too, and seeing thalidomide the Musical like you did! Great isn't it? I can't wait to see it!

It would be nice if some of us bloggers and Ouchers met, wouldn't it? We can swap ideas and get to know each other better. And one more thing,Internet problems are a pain aren't they, especially tracking bloody cookies!

1:07 am


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