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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Sunny Day.

Belle & Sebastian - Hammersmith Apollo Friday 10th Feb 2006.

It's always a Sunny Day when I go and see Belle & Seb, and this, my second B&S gig in 8 days, was no exception. The Apollo is a big, big venue and I'm not really a fan of the place. In fact, the last time I went there was in 1985 to see Depeche Mode (when they were a pop band).

On arrival, the crowd stretched round the block, which meant I missed seeing support band, Brakes. I like this band, they're different enough to capture my attention. They mix an almost alt-counrty feel, with that of late 80's US indie guitar. Oh and they do the odd 5 second thrash song as well. It's worth checking their album Give Blood, a sixteen song, twenty-eight minute gem.

After taking our seats up in the circle we didn't have long to wait before Stuart, Stevie, Beans, Sarah, Chris, Richard and Mick hit the stage. They started off with their first ever single "The State I'm In", so it was evident straight away that the set was going to be different to last weeks Cambridge gig. Too many bands these days just go through the motions and do the same set, night after night. Not Belle. They are a band who obviously relish playing live and mixing it up a bit. Tonight we were treated to quite a few tracks from 'If You're Feeling Sinister' including the magnificent "Judy And The Dream Of Horses".

Stuart did some rubbish dancing again and was very pleased that he had such a big stage area to show off his ahem...skills. He forgot the words to "Another Sunny Day" because he was laughing at someone in the crowd dancing (the cheek of the man) and also gave us the hook line from "White Collar Boy" on a kazoo 'borrowed' from someone in the crowd. He did promise to give it back at the end but I don't think he did.

As usual the band were spot on. It never ceases to amaze me who talented this band are. They effortlessly swap instruments between songs. They have come a long,long way from the reportedly shambolic early gigs. Another memorable gig. B&S are always guarenteed to lift ther spirits. Thye should available on the NHS ;-)

The UK tour is now finished but Rob, Jim and I are hoping to get to a European venue later in the year. Barcelona or Madrid would be great. Sun, Sangria and Belle & Sebastian sounds too good to miss. Who wants to come?


Blogger Terry Funk said...

man than funny little frog song gives me the bad ass awful feelings. rhyming poet with know it i can dig, but then throat and pronouncing it throw-it just to rhyme, man that is chris deburgh style wrong!

11:47 am

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Ah yes, well not one of Stuart's best rhymimg couplets. I'll give you that. Great tune though.

4:27 pm

Blogger Terry Funk said...


7:43 pm


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