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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Up The Junction.

Last night Jock Pop and I took a drive up to Cambridge to the Junction to see Birmingham's finest, Editors. There were a couple of average support bands, Cinematic who were some kind of Franz Ferdinand clones, even down to the floppy haired lead singer and We Are Scientist from New York who were a bit like Placebo but not as good (nuff said).

Editors according to Turtle (and she has a descerning ear) are a bit like U2. I do not totally disagree with her. There is a a similarity. Editors have a very distinctive guitar sound which cuts through the music much like The Edge's does but in my view that's where the similarity stops. They remind me of any number of 80's indie guitar bands. They are quite epic in their sound without being cheesy like Coldplay (spit) and Embrace (yawn) they are far more left field than either of them. The vocalist sounds more akin to the Ian Curtis than anyone else, although the late Joy Division singer wasn't a strong a singer. His antics on stage owe quite a bit to Curtis too. He jerks about the stage waving his arms about in quite a spasmodic fashion and it all seems a little bit studied. However the music is blisteringly good. It's definitely cranked up to 11 and no mistake. My ears are still ringing from the wonderful noise they made.

It was a comparitively short set, only about 55 minutes, but with only the fine album The Back Room to their name it's a little wonder. It was only £7 to get in though, which by todays standards is a steal. It's the second time I've seen Editors, the first was at Reading in August and I've been throughly impressed both times. They may struggle in the future as their material is a bit samey but they are a tight live band who can rock with the best of them.


Blogger w1ld child said...

Any chance you could change the text on this post as I'm unable to read it, and I do enjoy reading your blog.

4:18 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks Wild Child,

I don't know what happened there.
Should be fixed now.

Hope you enjoy.

4:57 pm

Blogger w1ld child said...

Thank you very much. Sounds like a good gig.

5:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I had assisinated Franz Ferdinand?

Gavrillo Princip

8:38 pm

Blogger Turtle said...


i like that . i'm sure many an indie frontman wishes SOMEONE would take a gun to Alex Kapranos, if necessary a dead Serbian seperatist.

sounds like a good gig. what was the venue like?

7:50 pm

Blogger w1ld child said...

After reading your review on the Editors I've asked for a couple of singles for my birthday, I like Edge's guitar technique so I'm interested in how the Editors sound.

10:24 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...


The venue is pretty good. It's totally accessible but it did get really packed out and it was a bit of a pain to get about. It could do with a viewing platform in my opinion but the satge is quite high so it offers a pretty decent view. There is a bar area which has seperate seating and there is a crip loo. The gig area is a good size too.

Worth a visit.

11:37 am

Blogger marmiteboy said...


If I can call you that.

Thanks for the newspaper headline you sent me proving that you did indeed assisinate Alex Kapranos. Thank you for all you've done for music.

Nic Check your inbox.

11:40 am


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