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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Marmite forgets his head.

Bugger. Or words to that effect. I went off to the post office this morning package in hand to post off a cd of Seth Lakeman songs to Goldfish. She had very kindly sent me a cd recently with a few Anthony and the Johnsons tracks along with some other wicked tunes. Duly posted I popped into my local record selling emporium to buy the new Big Star album (their first for donkey years) and then it was off to Shamanic Body Art to book up my next tattoo (I'm having Skallagrigg tattooed on my right calf next Saturday afternoon) and then it was home to listen to Southend beat Gillingham 2-1 in the football.

All is rosy in Chez Marmite, a good Saturday is being had. It wasn't until I decided to play the Big Star album (which is very good by the way) that discovered my schoolboy error. I opened the cd playing tray thingy and DOH!!! There was Goldfish's cd still in the cd player. I'd forgotten to take it out and put it back in the box after checking it last night. Goldfish will be confused. In the package will be an empty cd box with track listings on a seperate card and no bloody cd. Still I've bunged the cd in another envelope so she should get them almost at the same time. Sorry mate, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!!


Blogger The Goldfish said...


Don't worry, even if I had not seen this message, it would by no means be the weirdest thing that I ever received in the post. Thanks anyway.

9:39 pm

Blogger Katie said...

Oh whoops!

Sorry to hear of your mistake about goldfish's cd Marmite! It happens to all, even I forget stuff and can't remember a damn thing where I put things!

I think all of us blogpals have a bad memory for not doing stuff or forgetting a lot!

12:56 am

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

*you're* worrying? I can forget what I've gone upstairs for by the time I've got to the upstairs landing. Yesterday I couldn't find the radiophone till I backtracked on myself and found I'd left it in the fridge.

And can anyone very kindly tell me how you insert italic codes in these posts?

12:48 pm

Blogger The Goldfish said...

Charles - you need to type <i> then </i> at the end. Bold is <b>comme ça</b>. Always remember the end tag though. You can use these tags on your own blog in the ordinary Compose window.

2:03 pm

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Thanks Goldfish, I hate not being able to emphasise.

2:55 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot what I was going to say.....Ah yes! The Prime Minister is Harold Wilson.......

Abby mmmmmm?

3:55 pm

Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Has Master Marmite considered having a numbered "to do" list tattooed onto his left forearm? Then all he would need would be a pen which contained washable ink, and he could write down his tasks for the day, and sluice them off again when he bathes in the evening.

5:29 pm

Blogger JustinR said...

Very good idea Lady B.

I'm thinking Marmite have a entire diary tatooed on him, lol.

I would say that you're all showing your age but, I can be forgetful in my old age *sob*. I used to have a razor sharp memory. Couldn't try and forget a thing! Now, it's only selective razor sharpe now *roll eyes*.

S'pose you've gotta find suitable packing material for just the CD now.

1:15 pm

Blogger jfsouthpaw said...

hahahahaha...Was it Goldfish's blog that mentioned you sending her a CD cover? I was wondering what that was about. LMAO....hahahaha :D I do this kind of thing so much, it's so nice when it turns out all friendly- like.

5:46 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...


T'was me indeed. I am a daft old Marmite. Thankfully Goldfish has now received the cd to put in the box so all is well.

MB :-)

8:53 am

Blogger Tom Kerswill said...

Heheh - a good CD though, that one. I'm sure it'll be worth waiting for.

1:09 am


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