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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Bloody opticians!!

I went to the opticians today armed with a pair of rather nice Red or Dead frames that I bought off of Ebay (with Lady B's help as she is the Queen of the Auction). My local high street chain has had my custom for 5 years or so and I'm on my third pair of designer specs from them. I went to day to get them to fit prescription lenses to the new specs. When I asked them to do it they refused on the grounds that the frames did not have a receipt and therefore might have been stolen!!

Bastards!! How dare they accuse me of being a tea leaf. It's completely outrageous. I explained where I had got them and said that lots of people did the same but they told me the only way they would glaze them was if I showed them the receipt from the vendor. What a ridiculous load of old nonsense. Well if they don't want my 100 quid they can eff off out of it.

Furthermore when I asked them if they could tighten the screws on a pair of glasses which I purchased from their establishment recently they told me they couldn't do it because the frames were bent. Now I haven't bent the frames and I suggested to them politely that I hadn't and maybe this was because they were faulty with this I was told I should buy a new pair (At nearly 150 quid a pop).

Needless to say they will never receive my custom again. If they treat their regular customers like this I dread to think how they treat someone who walks off the street.

Angry Marmite (fume).


Blogger jfsouthpaw said...

Just go somewhere else....I now go to a place where I'm wanted. Any shop treating me with respect (well, more like affection, as my friend works there) is such a novelty these days, so handing over £200 a time for something I'd get blinding headaches without is almost painless now.

Make friends with an optician.

5:43 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

How terrible! I've never had such a problem before, I can't believe they would stoop so low.
I'm the annoying customer who returns for 5 years in a row having the same pair of frames tightened, bent back into shape, and occasionally some new lenses put in. Not sure if you have LensCrafters in the UK, but I've been going there (and so has Mr.M) for years now and since they are in the Mall they are open nights and weekends so they're convenient too.
This is particularly helpful since Mr. M inevitably breaks his glasses on the weekends when the usual shops are closed.
p.s. Any pics of the new frames??

9:41 pm

Anonymous Timmargh said...

That's bloody disgusting behaviour.

I hate it when you get a shop assistant who decides to be shirty with you just because they hate themselves and the job they're in.

I had a similar experience when I was looking to buy a new amplifier for my hi-fi - the guy in the shop was sarcastic and obnoxious, so I spent two hours listening to seven different amplifiers through speakers and headphones ... and when I made my decision I went to the shop in the next street to buy it. Get funny with me; lose your commision.

10:50 pm

Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell remains of the opinion - expressed in private correspondence yesterday - that Young Sir Marmite should not take this nonsense lying down. Should he wish to draft a stiff letter to the manager of the shop in question, she will be happy to glance over it and add extra stiffening.

As Marmite is aware, Lady Bracknell recently had three pairs of frames she had bought from ebay reglazed, and her optician didn't turn a hair. Which is just as well, given that she had not retained the receipts which were packaged with them.

Lady Bracknell patronises a small, independent optician for all the same reasons as she patronises a small, independent pharmacist. In neither case would she consider going back to a national chain.

1:58 pm


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