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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Songs For Marmite

There's been chuff all on the evil box in the corner again so I've taken to playing a lot of music when I've got in from work this week. So far I've mainly been listening to.

Woman King ------ Iron and Wine
In Space ------ Big Star
The Back Room ------ Editors
Funeral ------ Arcade Fire
Nouvelle Vague ------ Nouvelle Vague
Nolita ------ Keren Ann
Kitty Jay ------ Seth Lakeman
Songs for Marmite ------ A Goldfish Compilation
Not The Tremblin' Kind ------ Laura Cantrell
Stories From the City ------ P.J Harvey
Hips and Makers ------ Kirsten Hersh
Ambulance Ltd ------ Ambulance Ltd
American IV... ------ Johnny Cash
Absent Friends ------ The Divine Comedy

A couple of Marmiteboy's absolute favourites in that lot. The Jeff Buckley album is one I come back to again and again. I love it. 'Lover You Should Have Come Over' is one of my all favourite tracks. The line 'My Kingdom For Kiss Upon Her Shoulder' says all you have to say about being in love with someone.

Kirsten Hersh's Hips and Makers is a wonderful album too. Kirsten is Bi Polar and the track 'The Letter', the lyrics of which are the words to a letter she wrote to her parents, is heartbreaking. The producer had to get her really pissed before she could record it. An album well worth checking out if you like singer songwriter type stuff. Dido it's not though so don't expect comfortable listening.


Blogger w1ld child said...

Nothing to do with your post but I have a question that has been bugging me for a while, what are matzos? Marmite on toast, definatly, marmite on crumpets, hmm not so sure, prefer jam on those, but marmite on matzos? Huh, what those?

12:44 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Hi WildChild.

Matzos are like big regtangular crackers. They are made from wheatflour and water. They have a slight nutty flavour. They are lovely with marmite or cream cheese. Most supermarkets do then. Rakusen's are the best make. Matzos flour is used in lots of Jewish dishes apparently.I was brought up on Matzos and they are one of my favourite breakfasts.

7:49 pm

Blogger Turtle said...

Woman King is a class little alubm. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven is amazing . Absent Friends i haven't played in a while but it's as good as any of his stuff :)

4:30 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Have you tried Scott Walker Nic?

Sounds a lot like Absent Friends. I've been a fan of Scott Walker for years and held off from the Divine Comedy as a result. Like Absent Friends though.

7:53 pm

Blogger Tom Kerswill said...

some great songs there!

1:54 am


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