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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hurrah, I'm alive.

I went back to the doctor again yesterday about all this anxiety and tiredness I've been having lately. My last trip was a disaster because the doctor, when I asked him why I couldn't sleep, said he had no idea and it was all a bit of a mystery. No advice or offer of tests just sorry you shouldn't be feeling like that at your age and bye bye. Bloody good doctor mine is.

Anyway, back I went yesterday and saw his practice colleague and although I wasn't entirely satisfied, he told me to stop taking my painkillers (codeine) for example. He failed to advise what I should take in it's place though. He did however book me up for some tests and so this morning i went back to the surgery after starving myself since ten o'clock last night for a thyroid, glucose and blood test followed by an ECG. They blood tests should be ready in a week or so as should the ECG results. I don't know if anyone has had one of these before but they tape all manner of electrode type thingies to your chest, arms and legs! I am happy to report that I am alive at least.

A good friend of Lady Bracknell's and mine reacently under went a similar test at a hospital in the Nottingham area. They hooked him up and turned the machine on and discovered that he was dead. Alan was quite surprised at this as he didn't feel too bad considering. It turned out the spasms caused by CP were to blame. He kept jiggling about and spoiling the reading. Try as he might he couldn't keep still so in the end one of the nurses had sit on him so they could get a reading. When Alan phoned me to tell about this I nearly pissed myself laughing. Lady B was highly amused too and it's somethinmg we recall with glee.

Anyway with any luck I'll get it sorted soon and start to feel a bit less frazzled.


Blogger Agent Fang said...

Hi Marmite, glad you're feeling a bit more positive. Whatever the outcome, mystery solved medically or not (those dudes don't know everything...), do some nice pampering things for yourself and remember you will come through this to lots of nice on the other side. :0)

11:32 am

Blogger pete said...

Old Loony proverb. It is always better for the electric to be taken out of you and recorded than put in to you and you record it!


11:49 am

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks folks,

Managed to go into work today. I felt crap but it probably did me good going in. Took my mind off fretting.

Cheers and take care,

5:52 pm

Blogger w1ld child said...

Sorry to hear about the doc, good to hear about the ECG.

I have a deep pulse, and a few years ago at school we had to do an experiment in science to do with heart rate, I quite happily sat in the lab and declared that I was dead as I couldn't find my pulse.

8:32 pm

Blogger Cancergiggles said...

Being pronounced dead when you're not is a strange feeling. I actually had it confirmed in print.


8:59 am


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