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Monday, November 27, 2006

I Did, I Taw, A Puddy Tat.

On Saturday, Lily, Sybil and I went along to the local Cats Protection League to pick up her new charges. It is a dangerous place to visit as a cat lover is the CPL. You see all these wee cats who nobody seems to want and you want to take them all home with you. I resisted, just.

We loaded the girls Mushroom (on the left), Pumpkin (above middle) and their brother Potato (above right) into the Marmitemobile and set off to Chez Lily. The girls were quiet on the journey; especially Mushroom. Potato however voiced his displeasure quite audibly. As the male in the family he seems to be the biggest of girls blouses.

On arriving home they were let out of the carrying cases and set off too investigate their surroundings. Mushroom it seems, is the bravest and set off upstairs after only fifteen minutes or so and immediately squeezed herself in through the door of Sybil’s dolls house to have a look round. When she exited unscathed her sister thought she’d have a butchers too. (For my overseas readers, butchers (butchers hook) is Cockney rhyming slang for look, clever eh?)

Potato is rather more tentative and preferred to stay downstairs and pretend to cover his food with earth. He has a delicate palate it seems and Asda’s Meat and Gravy pouches aren’t to his taste. It was funny seeing him go to all three dishes and show his displeasure at what had been dished up to him.

It wasn’t long before they had all had enough of wandering about and settled down to their new home. Potato is very demanding and has to be stroked and made a fuss of. If you are giving attention to the girls he cries and pushes in. A typical insecure male, my Twiglet is exactly the same. Little Pumpkin is shy and demure and likes to be cuddled. She likes to sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by. Mushroom on the other hand is a nutter. Within an hour she was chasing round playing rough and tumble games with her toys and her siblings. I had her and her sister playing duvet monsters on Saturday night and she is very good at it. She leaps in the air like a salmon before catching the evil foot monster beneath the quilt cover. When she was six months old she had a litter and although now spay retains her mothering qualities. She pounces on her siblings’ holds them down and then washes them. Bless.

They have all settled in really nicely and are already starting to create havoc. Mushroom’s favourite game Lily says is to pull the modem lead out of the back of the laptop thus making internet surfing impossible when she is awake. Just goes to prove that cats are an excellent way to waste time.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

One of the Great Cat Blogs of all time! Thank you, Marmite.

3:45 pm

Blogger E F RICE II said...

I agree, top blog that. I got a bit concerned at the 'duvet monster' game but I think I understand how that works !

How long before the trio are let loose on the outside world ?

7:57 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Oh they are so precious! Absolutely adorable :)

12:52 pm


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