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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's Up Pussycat?

There is much excitement in Lily’s house at the moment because she is about to have some new additions to her family. On Saturday morning we are going to pick up three ten month old cats from the Cats Protection League.

About ten days ago Lily went along to the Cats Protection League place up the road from her house to have a look round. She wants to volunteer there so she can maintain her cat fixation. She said that she wanted to get a cat after Christmas and was going to get out on the waiting list. When I rang her that night she said she’d had a lovely time and then just slipped in ‘I’ve got three kittens’ under her breath and went on to something else. ‘”Hang on a minute” I thought, and said ”Did you just say you’ve got three kittens?” Apparently she was worried that I’d tell her off and said it quickly. I am, of course, nearly as excited as she is, (I could never be as excited, nobody could) and can’t wait to see the little mites.

The story is that they are siblings, two girls and a boy who were owned by a woman with five children, the youngest of which was eleven days old and the oldest fourteen that has an ASBO and an electronic tag. Not the kind of environment to bring up impressionable kit-tans I’ll think you’ll agree. There are two black fluffy ones with white bibs and a shorthaired grey and black stripy one. They have already been named. Sybil has decided that stripy is to be called Mushroom and the other two are Pumpkin and Sybil’s preferred moniker of Potato (although I think her Mum helped persuade her). These are fine names for little pussycats in my opinion.

So Lily has two days of relative peace before the kitten hoards descend upon her. I will, of course, update you on events.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

That's the CPL for you. You have to watch them. Years ago we adopted one little kitten, Monty, and said that we could manage to foster a couple more, in an emergency, just till they were found homes.

within a month we had eight kittens, two mother cats, and an eighteen-month-old tom the size of a young goat.

Over the years we never had less than half-a-dozen lodgers, of all ages, and I still have six who turned out, for health and temperament reasons, to be unhomeable.

If I hadn't had to retire from fostering, goodness only knows how many I'd have now.

6:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently a cat and dog mated and the cat had a dog/cat mixture. See for yourself:

10:48 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Three kittens! When do we get to see pictures??

Wonderful news. :)

12:39 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

The three little mites we now be arriving on Saturday. Mushroom had an infection following the operation to spade her and they wanted to keep an eye on her for a week.

Hpefully there will be pictures some time soon.

11:16 am

Blogger pete said...

Looking forward to seeing the photo's Marmite. I guess you are all gonna have a lot of fun;-)

best wishes

2:53 pm


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