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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Bit Of A Do.

This time last week I was attending a ‘bit of a do’ at the very swish London restaurant The Babylon Roof Gardens in Kensington. I don’t usually go to restaurants where you are required to use a knife and fork, or where the use of crockery is mandatory, but I made an exception last Friday because Lady Bracknell’s Editor was receiving her MBE.

It was a motley gathering, mainly because The Editor has such an array of waifs and strays. Obviously I was in attendance, along with the Editors baby brother The Accountant. Also Pop Larkin turned up with an associate known as JC who insisted on wearing The Editors hat. Scarily the hat suited him very well. Young Anthony also insisted on trying the hat on as well and it went very well with his silver topped cane, which he admitted is an affectation. I have heard there are several creams on the market that can clear that up Ant!

Old Blind Git, as the Editor somewhat rudely calls him, came with his esteemed canine friend Sutton. Sutton decided that the whole event was an absolute bore and had a good kip throughout proceedings. Auntie Jan was there and was allegedly the only other lady present. Uncle also attended and was on fine form although he had to keep popping out to ‘feed the meter’ whatever that means!!! Finally was the keeper of the finest establishment west of London (according to reports) young Algernon graced himself with his presence. Apparently he is no relation to the Editor’s employer.

It was a fine afternoon of wine and fine food. I had to return to Darkest Essex after the meal but I hear the festivities resumed at Algernon’s establishment until late into the day. Hearty congratulations go out to the Editor on receiving her badge from HRH Prince Chuck.


Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

The gentleman in question refers to himself as The Old Blind Git. Just so's you know.

This maintaining anonymity lark gets a bit challenging when the numbers get so high...

Thanks for coming and for keeping the gay boys in a modicum of order ;-)

The Editor

8:18 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

My pleasure, it was fun. Mind you The Accountant was a bit non plussed by it all. i don't think he knows many gay boys and their constant banter about the fitness of the waiters was a bit too much for him.

8:05 am


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