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Monday, July 31, 2006

Time To Get Ill.

This is quite possibly the best idea anyone has ever had when filming a concert. The usual trouble with concert films, in my opinon, is that they always feel a bit clinical. You never feel part of the crowd, which is the whole point of going to gigs. The Beastie Boys have come up with a whle new concept and what could have been a disaster really works a treat.

New York's finest Punkiest/Funkiest Hip Hop crew handed out 50 video cameras to fans and instructed them to do whatever they wanted with them so long as when the lights when down, they were filming. There were also six professional cameras and some CCTV cameras in use too.
The whole effect is, well, awesome!! Granted, some of the operators are a bit shaky but that doesn't matter. Because the cameras are all synchronised you get reactions from right in the midst of the audience to what is going on up on stage. People dance, rap along, punch the air, jump up and down and that's just the camera operators!!

The music is great too with Mix Master Mike laying down some great grooves and man can that guy scratch!! He is mindblowing. I can't remember seeing anyone use the decks so fast, he is a master of his art. Ad-Roc, Mickey D and MCA jump about the stage in their usual abandon in rather fetching green tracksuits and look like they are still having fun after all this time. You can't it seems keep a B-Boy down.

The dvd contains shit loads of extras, including the ability watch the gig from the six pro cameras, there is a band commentary, some documentaries, music vids and some hidden extras that allow you to follow some of the camera operators exclusively. It is a great package and well worth checking out.


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