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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Fox In The Snow.

A fox yesterday.

Okay it wasn't actually in the snow. I lied so I couild include a tenuous link to a Belle and Sebastian song. However it is a good story.

Yesterday I was dozing in bed, as is my want at 5 o'clock in morning, when I heard the patter of tiny feet. This usually means that Twiglet is up and about and about to demand his brekfast. He does this by jumping on the bed, burrowing under the covers and attacking my feet/legs until I get up and feed him. Not wanting to be attacked I raised my head in order to head him off at the pass. I was shocked to be confronted by a FOX IN MY BEDROOM!!!!

I don't know which of us was the more surprised, but if there was a contest I reckon I might win it. Upon seeing me he scuttled off sharpish into the kitchen where he could be heard, whilst I put my leg brace on, crashing about. I arrived in the kitchen and he standing on my kitchen table jumping up at the window trying to get out. Unfortunately the window was tightly closed and he did some bouncing off practice. By the time I had opened the back door he had zipped into the lounge and out of the window, which I had left open in an attempt to at least circulate a small amount of cool air overnight. By careful deduction, I ascertained that this was also his means of entry.

Twiglet, who watched the bouncing off practice from the garden was completely unfazed by it all and sauntered in for his breakfast as if nothing had happened. Marmite was out losing his collar and bell. More expense and birdy carnage to follow no doubt.

This was all quite exciting and woke me up better than any cup of tea would have done. It is by far the best fox related incident on my life so far. I will still be opening the lounge window at night, but not quite so wide.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

What a story! Marmite, do you have a garden? Because that fox was probably desperate; after a prolonged spell of drought his food and water supplies have dried up, and maybe he/she has pups.

But I hate to tell you: foxes have been known to take small cats as prey. The fox will disappear as soon as the drought breaks, but in the meantime,if it was me, I'd keep Marmite Junior and Twiglet in at night, and put out some water for the fox and any other desperate wildlife like hedgehogs.

9:18 am

Blogger The Goldfish said...

That is by far the best fox-related incident I have read in my life so far. :-)

4:04 pm

Blogger Sally's Life said...

Magic moment Marmite !
I often feel we are the recent incomers, and the wildlife are just waiting for our civilisation to crumble, so they can reclaim their land. Just so long as we leave a tap dripping for them.

11:41 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Wonderful story MB! We have fox that pass through fairly often (they like to leave their scat on our walkway and up our drive) but never has one passed through our house!
The closest I've come to such an experience was when I had only been in my home a month and went camping with my mom. I came home to a scene of messy chaos and a squirrel staring at me from the top of my sofa with a "what are you doing here" look on his face. To this day I'm not sure which of us was most startled but I did find his entry-way (a conduit pipe left open to the outdoors during construction work in the basement) and blocked it up. It's amazing how much mess a wee little squirrel can make when he has the run of the house for a weekend :)

9:58 pm

Blogger stella said...

Holy crappers!!

See why you guys should have air conditioning? So you don't have to leave your bedrooms open to the whims of wandering animals all night!

5:43 am

Blogger E F RICE II said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha BOOM BOOM !! Sorry couldn't resist the hilarious laughing rendition of Basil Brush.

Good point about your cats made by the way, I wonder if your Foxy visitor fancied a nibble on Marmite or Twiglet ...... ? Stay vigilant.

9:04 pm


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