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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I know I shouldn't really laugh but...

If there is one thing that really gets to me it is non-crips parking in disabled parking bays. It incenses me beyond belief. In fact only this weekend I had a row with a motorcyclist how had parked in a bay thus stopping a disabled motorist parking legitimately. His excuse!! He wasn't going to be there long. Twat!!

Then why pray, did this story, kindly brought to my attention by Lady Bracknell's honoured secretary, make me giggle?

Picture the scene. Frankfurt, Germany. It is the group stages of the World Cup and Holland are playing Argentina. Three young Argentinians can't afford to get in to see their heroes, so they each buy a wheelchair and pretend to be disabled. They get in with cheap tickets and all is going swimmingly. Then disaster strikes. Argentina almost score and the excitment gets the better of our three protagonists and they start leaping and dancing about, forgetting, it seems, that they are wheelchair users for a second.

According to one of the fans, identified as Gustavo, says: "Our friend couldn't stop jumping and a person near us thought there was a miracle happening."

Another of the group, Claudio, adds: "We are embarrassed by what we did, but we had no alternative. We did not have the money to pay for a ticket."

All three fans were kicked out of the ground for their actions, and why I really should be angry at what they did, I just couldn't help but raise a smile.


Blogger Mary said...

I'm a crip motorcyclist... well, a pillion passenger. Got a fold-up walking stick that we can strap on behind me and ok, so I can only do it on the "good days" and I can't go far, but it's fun!

(wouldn't use the blue badge for it though, I never blue badge it on a good day)

2:04 pm


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