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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Phew Wot A Scorcher!!

And I don't mean Maria Sharapova. Well not much anyway. Lily would tell me off.

It is too hot to think, move, cook, sleep, read, eat, walk, drive, listen to music etc, etc.

And I'd like it to stop now please. I have to go 'up that London' tomorrow as I'm being interviewed by a radio production company about access to live music for disabled music fans. Whilst this is exciting, and I may end up on Radio One as a result, I don't fancy trolling around London in this weather.

A warm, dry day with a cooling breeze would be lovely thanks.



Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

When Young Master Marmite - who is noted for his fondness for warm weather - complains about the heat, that is a sign that it is Very Hot Indeed.

6:11 pm

Blogger Sally's Life said...

Not to fret Marmiteboy, it may be a toaster today, but its back to normal; 20 degrees C and rain and cool winds by the end of the week, with hail, storms, floods and general English weather by the weekend.
Hope you had a productive day in London.

11:30 pm

Blogger stella said...

My best mate is currently in London and sent me a text message this morning saying that it's really hot. She's staying on the top floor of a hostel in Paddington, and says there's no air conditioning in the whole country. What's with that??

She also sent me a postcard the second she landed - shaped like Prince Charles' head!! It's undoubtedly the best postcard in the world. I can't wait to be over there, if only so I can send my friends tales of my adventures written on royalty.

1:32 am

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

You think this is hot? A mate just back from Spain tells me that at his hotel, the water in the swimming-pool was 85°F and people were staying in it to get cool.

8:30 am

Blogger Sally's Life said...

Tell us about your London trip Marmiteboy, when its cool enough to blog.

This weather is nothing, I survived a week in Algeria (yonks ago when it was relatively safe) in 95 (where did you get that little degree thingy ?) degrees F. But it was low humidity so quite comfortable. Its the humidity that kills.

Stella, for the three days a year (sometimes four) that it is over 20 degrees, it is not worth installing aircon.

10:39 am

Blogger Charlesdawson said...


To get a degree sign:

Put on your Num Lock, then type ALT+0176

3:23 pm

Blogger Sally's Life said...

Excuse me Marmite Boy ...
Charles, after a thorough search I thought I was going totally cogdysfunc'kd, then I realised there aint a num lock on a laptop 'cos there aint a pad of nums to lock ! I will ask my help button. Thanks anyway. (18 degrees C)

7:40 pm

Blogger E F RICE II said...

Good luck MB, hope that goes well for you.

Agree with your thoughts on the weather but hey we mustn't grumble ! I have a daily 20 minute each way walk to work and I felt like I'd been through a carwash when I arrived home today. The old driptray (copyright Andre Vincent Edinburgh Festival 19??) was full I can tell you !

Stella we don't do air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter, gives us nothing to moan about otherwise !

9:27 pm


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