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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Crip, The Tent, The Ramp and The Muddy Field.

I found out today that I have been accepted as a steward at this year's Carling Weekend at Reading.

Last year was the first time that disabled people were employed by The Mean Fiddler as stewards and I was lucky enough to be part of the project. Our job in the main was to ensure that access to the viewing platforms was kept clear. The main thing that was apparent last year was the way the disabled stewards were received by the punters. I had so much positive feedback from disabled festival goers. they were genuinely impressed that the disabled community was being represented and that someone with a personal insight into accessiblity was on site.

The Festival was not without its problems though. On the Radio One/NME stage the access ramp to the viewing platform was ridiculously steep. So steep in fact that over the whole weekend I only saw one manual wheelchair user successfully navigate it without assisstance. This is obviously completely unacceptable and I stressed to anyone completing a feedback sheet last year to mention it and I'm glad to say lots of people did. I am therefore hoping that the ramp situiation is sorted out this year. It is all very well having access, it does however have to actually be accessible.

The other problem was the disabled persons camp site which due to heavy rain was a quagmire. All the non-crip sites seemed to have metal walkways laid down but this was overlooked in the crip site. Again this was unacceptable and it must not happen again this year. It will be interesting to see if they have learnt from last years event. I hope so.

In the mean time I have to psyche myself up for five days under canvas and hope it doesn't piss down with rain. On the positive front I've got Belle and Sebastian, The Fall, The Shins, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah, Broken Family Scene and Radio Soulwax to look forward to.


Blogger Sally's Life said...

Have a fabulous time, I will pray for sunshine and dry fields.
Can I suggest that with your experience of last year, and your authority as a 'crip' that you contact them in advance, to check they HAVE put right their errors (steep ramp) and ommissions (metal 'walk ways' in crip tent field) from last year - so that this time they DO comply with DDA.

7:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! that is coooooool. Hope you get to see Slayer, they are awsome live. do you like their sounds?

9:26 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does he like the sounds of Slayer - of course not he's a crip not a retard :)

9:53 pm

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Great news, MB. The forecast is for drier warmer weather for a bit so I hope it covers the gig. Enjoy!

1:31 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

I'm jealous! :)
Sounds like a wonderful show. I hope the show organizers are open to your suggestions. It is encouraging that large event coordinators are beginning to plan a bit with us crips in mind. Have a great time!

3:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

since when did YOU have the right to be a critic on what music i can like without being refered to as a retard? Your post may have been in jest, but i did not appreciate it. Tell me what music you like and i'll be glad to tell you its crap.

5:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please read it again - I didn't (and never would) refer to you as a retard.

Ok - if you want to tell me the music I like is crap - well I just love Slayer :)

Reign in Blood is my favourite album.

9:24 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:33 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this may be a stab in the dark here, BUT i think perhaps marmite is capable of answering questions directed at him - he doesnt need his spokesperson to do it for him. How do you know he doesnt like Slayer? as you will know from his previous posts, mark likes a very varied selection of music, i simply made conversation by saying i like slayer, and would he be seeing them. not a crime i think you'll find, and certainly not requiring your snide comments.

9:46 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFS - it was a joke that I thought you would get - I was obviously wrong.

Yeah i know Mark's taste in music - I used to go clubbing with him every week in Rayleigh.

I havent got Reading Tickets but they are playing Leeds the day after which is better for me coz i wil be in Manchester.

Keep the Faith

11:09 pm

Blogger pete said...

Are Boney M or Dollar playing this year at Reading? If not I am glad I won't be sharing the space under the ramps for us headcases.

Wotcha MB + Significant others, esp. the kitties.

Mirror mirror mon amour.....

11:36 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Pete, Dollar are headlining the Punk tent on the Sunday.

I have had to change the settings on the comments page unfortunately. Much as I appreciate comments I don't really want or appreciate a flame war developing between two commenters. You seem to know me but by commenting anonymously I have no idea who you are. I hope you understand.

8:56 am

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Glad you've changed that MB, I was starting to think that someone was arguing with themselves! hehehe

12:03 am

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

Currently I am listening a lot to a great band called Hoobastank (from LA), they really rock. Do you or any other here like them? - i urge you to check the stank out if you dont know them.

6:09 pm

Blogger E F RICE said...

Never heard of them ! The only thing I can think of I've bought recently which may be up your alley, is the Velvet Revolver album. Have you heard this ? Quite a fan of this and early Guns and Roses stuff. Other than that I'm not a huge 'metal' fan.

1:14 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

i quite like VRs sounds, but those guys are sooo old. Its like my dad being in a rock band, so maybe not so cool as Linkin Park or the Stank. I also like some punk music like Green Day.

12:56 pm

Blogger E F RICE II said...

I don't know about that N M Boy ! I notice you are a fan of Ozzy and he is no spring chicken.

Did you get to the download fest at Donnington ? Wondered how the facilities there compared with Glasto and Reading ? Shame about the Korn European tour ........

8:04 pm


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