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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Syd Barrett - 1946 - 2006

Musical genius and founder of Pink Floyd has died peacefully at his home in Cambridge following complications arising from diabeties.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond.


Blogger The Goldfish said...

I feel kind of responsible for this.. A few weeks ago Attila the Mom was writing about her dreams and I commented

It was actually the night before last I dreamt that Pink Floyd lived inside my legs. And they were practising all the time, which made my legs hurt (I have chronic pain in my legs).

I was conflicted because Pink Floyd are a great and famous band, so if I somehow got them out of my legs, they would perish and it would be a great loss to the world. Only I was in a lot of pain and I am not all that keen on Pink Floyd.

... and then Syd Barrett died... was it my psychic powers?

60 is no age, a great shame.

1:15 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Spooky. You are Doris Stokes. Or something.

2:11 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

Syd was a a one off. In his honour, i would recomend that you maybe try out the sounds of a band called Orbit Service (I have their wicked album
Twilight). They call themselves Denver’s experimental harbingers of gloom.

Theire press release for this album tells listeners of this album that they are in for ‘...sonic explorations of pain with acoustic gloom that speaks for wounded losers.’

It's not really nu-metal but it is still excellent. I think marmite you will like this album, their music is gentle, somewhat folkie, acoustic-tinged balladry. There's more than a nod to the early Pink Floyd in the band's overall style - especially in the vocals. There are excursions into pure outer-spaced psychedelia at intervals, passages of weirdtronic ambience that would make any passing Hawkwind fan happy (I LURV hawkwing by the way, Lemmy YEAH!). You could almost imagine these tracks were recorded back in 1967.

I’m not sure if this flavour of sixties-ish wistful psychedelia is intentional, or whether Orbit Service have simply stumbled on their sound by accident, but, notwithstanding my resolutely nu-metal outlook on most music, I confess I like it. But then, I have always been partial to a bit of Floyd in their acid-freaked Englishness days, before they became the bloated stadium rock monster that we all know and detest. If you have ever wondered what the Floyd would sound like today if Syd Barrett had stayed with them, this album is most certainly for you.


5:48 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

by the way, you can find out more about them and listen to some free songs at

5:52 pm


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