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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Man, that's a good book!

I have been a member of a local reading group, called The Gallery Book Club.We are based at Southend library and have been in existance for the last 18 months or so. Recently we have been in receipt of some exciting news. What is this exciting news I hear you cry? Well hang on a minute while a get a cup of tea and I'll tell you.

Lovely, nothing like a cuppa...where was I?...oh yes the exciting news wot I gotted.

Our group has been one of six chosen to partake in the judging for this years Man Booker Prize. As you may well know the 'Booker' is the most prestigious literature prize in the UK. It's winner can bank on increased sales along with the £50 000 they receive for winning.

As part of the judging, we have been invited to attend the Booker Short List party on 14th September at The London Library in, er, London!!. It is there that the six novels up for the prize are announced.

Then between the 14th September and the award ceremony on 10th October we as a group will have to read all six novels and review them. It is not expected that all of us should read all six books, but I am determined to give it a go. It is a chance of a lifetime to read the whole list (and what's more it's free) and I want to make the most of the opportunity. It will mean of course having to plough through some 'difficult' and 'worthy' books. I expect none of them will be written by Christopher Brookmeyer or Peter Robinson, none of them will be detective novels and none of them will be easy to read, but hey, The Remains Of The Day won the Booker and that was a decent read.

I fully intend to review each book at Blogging Bookworms in the month between the short list being launched and the winner being announced. I may even announce by own Marmiteboy Booker Prize before the official announcement. It's going to be fun this.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Ooer! will we see you on TV at the Booker party?

3:48 pm

Blogger Sally's Life said...

That's fantastic ...I will keep an eye on the blogging bookworm.

10:21 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

dont think it will make the booker shortlist, bt i can recomend a wicked book by tommy udo called brave nu world, which charts the rise of nu metal. it is a fierce read. Not available in this country, but i got mine from amazon in the us.

check it and enjoy.

3:35 pm

Blogger w1ld child said...

Eh up marmite how's tha doin?

I'm back in the land of blog, and just been catching up with your blog. anyways, good news on the booker prize judging :-)

10:18 pm


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