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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

He's Got Radioactive Blood.

Ooo it's everso exciting. I'm to attend Southend Hospital tomorrow for a Isotope bone scan -spect. I have to report to the Nuclear Medicine Department in the morning where they will give me an injection which contains 'a small amount of radioactivity'. I then have to walk about for a bit and drink some fluid so there is time 'for the chemical to move around your body' so it says here. That sounds fun. I won't have to have Ready Brek in the morning cos I'll have a glow all of my own. Afterwards I've got to drink more fluid to help flush out the radioactive bit. I'm seriously hoping I'll have luminous wee. That would be so cool.

I hope I don't meet with an unfortunate accident and a spider doesn't bit me or something. I could end up spinning webs out of me hands or hanging upside down from the ceiling or getting off with Kirsten Dunst...hang on a minute, this doesn't sound too bad after all ;-)

What this is meant to do is give the pain clinic consultant a clear view of my joints. With any luck he'll be able to see what's causing me the pain in my hip. It's worth a try even if it does turn me into a superhero.


Blogger pete said...

Hey Spidey(jus' in case),
Good luck for tomorrow mate.

4:22 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

I hope they find something that will 'illuminate' your condition :P

I've had this type of bone scan and it really is painless, although with all of the radioactive dyes and rays I've had in me I often wonder I don't glow in the dark! The only pain is having to wait around for the hour after they've injected you. You may want to ask if it's ok to leave, last time my mom and I went to some shops for the hour since we'd had about all we could take of drab hospital waiting areas.
Best of luck.

4:56 pm

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Hi Marmite, best of luck for tomorrow.

"Afterwards I've got to drink more fluid to help flush out the radioactive bit." Excuses, excuses....anyway, have one (or more) for me!

5:21 pm

Blogger Katie said...

Blimey! Good luck with everything Marmiteboy. The nuclear medicine department is great but very technical with all the special equipment they use. i should know I go to that department but in another hospital once every year for my check ups.

That scan sounds like they'll be able to see what's going on with your hips carefully too, Hope things go well, and you're not too worried about stuff. I've had bone scans like that but with a radioactive arm going across my body on a table which was very strange and that showed up things to do with my hips and bones too.

9:52 pm

Blogger stella said...

Can I knit you a superhero suit?

10:03 pm

Blogger Bert said...

lol are you aware making radioactive waste is illegal

10:38 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Hi folks,

It was fine. I had three hours between the injections and the scan thingy but I live near the hospital so I came home and started on a 'Songs For Stella' compilation I'm doing for er...Stella strangely enough.

Speaking of which a superhero suit would be fab Stell, but it will have to be really butch. No tassles allowed. lol

7:17 pm


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