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Friday, November 11, 2005

'I Want To Be Straight.'

It's one of my 'I hate being a crip days' today. On most days I celebrate the fact because it gives me so much, but today I'm really down, anxious and sore. I usually end up making things worse for myself by giving myself a really hard time. Inanimate objects bear the brunt of my frustration at struggling to get in and out of the car, or not having a free hand when carrying stuff or when I trip over my stick.

I ws prescribed new meds yesterday so once they've bedded in maybe I'll feel a little bit better.
I know I'll be okay at some stage and I'll be criptastic again but today I'm cranky. I've been off work for two days at that worries me because I've had too much time off in the last eighteen months or so. I find it really difficult to concentrate when I'm there. It's quite a cerebral job and I'm not the brightest star in the sky and I really have to work at it even appear half way decent so feeling like I do doesn't help any.

Anyway I've been trying to maintain equilibrium by mainly listening too:

Elliot Smith - XO
Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright
Ian Dury - Reasons To Be Cheerful
The Fall - 50, 000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong
Laura Vires - Year Of Meteors
Fiery Furnaces - Rehearsing My Choir
The Cramps - Off The Bone
( ) - Sigur Ros
Sparklehorse - It's A Wonderful Life
Gabriel Yared - Betty Blue Soundtrack
The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
Errol Garner - Concert By The Sea
Stacey Kent - The Tender Trap.


Blogger The Goldfish said...

Sorry to hear you're having a crip-cranky day today. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and return to your usual criptastic really soon.

6:34 pm

Blogger pete said...

Wotcha MB I echo the Goldfishs sentiments entirely!

The mogs are waiting for ya!

7:15 pm

Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Don't you just hate tripping over your walking stick??
For some reason this is one of the few things that will always bring me to tears. Once I get settled and comfortable, then I have a bit of a laugh about how I must have looked like a short, female Charlie Chaplin but while it's happening it is so frustrating and maddening.
Hope you are seeing the funny side of things now and feeling better.

1:42 am

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

It's always a pain when you are getting used to new meds - I know how you feel. Hope you feel better today.

10:04 am

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks folks,

I'm a little less cranky today. I'm not shouting at inanimate objects somuch anyway.

7:25 pm

Blogger w1ld child said...

This week I've been mostly listening to, The clash, SLF, G'n R, Bon Jovi, U2, UB40 and Aerosmith.

On a more serious note, new meds are yuck, I was told that there are some studies into Omega 3 fish oils, they can apprently help with depression and concentration and stuff.

Anyways hope you feel better soon.

9:20 pm


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