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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Paralympics World Cup

It is a long time since I wrote anything on this blog but an email popped into my box the other day which made me want to put up a post.

From 20th-25th May 2009, the world’s finest Paralympic athletes will compete in Manchester as part of the BT Paralympic World Cup.

There are several Facebook pages where you can become a fan of eitrher the Official Paralympics Group or becoming a Facebook fan of GB athletes Nathan Stephens and John McFall, plus South African Paralympic legend the 'Bladerunner' himself Oscar Pistorius

You can post messages of support, ask questions, receive updates, upload photos or videos and become involved! It is a great way of following this event and to my mind is a must for all sports fans.

You can get more information and to book tickets by visiting the BT Paralympic World Cup site at

NB: I was sent some images that I had intended to add to this post as well but Blogger isn't playing ball at the moment so the images will follow later.