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Monday, September 15, 2008


My laptop has died. It won't turn on. This is not good. I have taken it to the Laptop Hospital and they have charged me £219 to have a look at it. Hopefully the 12050 songs on iTunes will not be lost. It has taken bloody ages to load them up and some of 'em have been downloaded from the many excellent blogs in the blogosphere and I won't be able to replace them.

Arse, arse and double arse.



Blogger Piley said...

EXACTLY the reason why i've never bought into this 'i dont need cds, everythin is on my PC' era. you f'in DO need em! PCs, sooner or later, crash, and unless you back em up, you are screwed. I know you are a big CD fan, so at worst, i hope you still have everything. Bummer. hope ya sort it out.


10:51 pm

Blogger E F RICE said...

I have a £4 a month service warranty on my laptop which I was thinking the other day 'do I really need this?'. You have just answered my question !

Hope this gets sorted quick MB.

1:23 pm

Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

It's a bummer when your laptop dies. Just don't get one with Windows Vista.

8:54 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Too late. Mine has Vista and is still (after nearly three weeks!!) at the menders. Apparently as it is an HP laptop it has to be sent to Holland!! Normal service wil be resumed when it returns if it is fixed.

If it remains broken normal service will be resumed when I can afford a new one which won't be for a considerable time.

8:15 am


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