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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Publicity stunt.

So the Shadow Home Secretary has resigned his post on the front bench and his position as an MP. The reason? Because he disagrees with a decision made democratically in the House of Commons. I happen to support the view that the 42 day detention provisions are Draconian and quite appalling. As a socialist I find it a dreadful attack on civil liberties and human rights. What I don't get is David Davis resigning a his post over it. He says he (and his party0 support civil liberties. Hmm, they have short memories in the Tory Party. They brought in laws to outlaw Civil Servants at GCHQ from belonging to a union and continue to attack trade union ,members for daring to fight for there rights to employment and fair pay and conditions. This is nothing short of an attack on civil liberties.

His decision has brought about a furore of plaudits from political commentators and members of his own party. But why? In my view Davis has no reason to resign. He is in opposition and his party voted (with the exception of Anne Widdicome) to oppose the Bill. The government won and although I don't agree with the outcome I am a democrat and have to respect the result so should he. I don't believe for a second that Davis made this decision on his own. This is a cynical attempt by the Tory party to play politics. Cameron's support of Davis' decision bears this out. I sincerely hope that the other parties turn their back on the bye election so it becomes a non event.

It is a disgusting law but the attack on a democratic decision by parliament by a senior opposition politician is nearly as bad.



Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Well, I'm no lover of the Tory party, but he does have the right to resign and force a by-election. As he is a politician, it is only to be expected that he would play politics.

I wish that we did have a Socialist government, 'cos New Labour sure isn't one. Tuition fees, detention without trial or charge, extraordinary rendition, stealth taxes, need I say more??

4:29 pm

Anonymous Salim said...

i though his resigning showed something we see precious little of in politics these days, morals. I applaude his decision.

11:54 am

Blogger Maddy said...

June 12! Do you realise we're nearly in September?

1:29 am


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