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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smash The BNP

It is time for the local elections in many places in the UK on Thursday 1 May an event that will pass many people by. The turnout in local elections is often so low that the elected representatives may only have 10-15% of the electorate voting for them. Obviously the local issues don't worry them, which is a worry as our local councils have a large influence on our lives. Our local council's offer (or don't in many cases) the services that we all consume. The national politicians are very often out of touch with the population, the outrageous 10% tax removal is a case in point. Local politicians however are usually from the local area and although a fair proportion of them are self important arseholes they do enable us to have a say in affairs that effect us directly.
In my area I have had leaflets from the Tories who, quite remarkably still get in time after time despite being a council that shuts theatres, stops funding to libraries, doesn't give a hoot about the state of the roads, spends thousands of pounds on a big piss up for council staff and then moans about the fact that they have no money for essential services and who, in the last three years has dug up the high street seemingly every three months or so and for no apparent reason. I have had a leaflet each from two independents (one of whom is a sitting councilor) who just slagged each other off. It seems that they are having a private battle in public (which clouds the issues that they are supposed to be addressing). The most disturbing leaflet I received and one which both angered and sickened me was one from every bodies favourite fascists the British National Party.
Their manifesto is confusing. They have pledged to collect rubbish on a weekly basis (which happens already) and they have promised to stop they influx of immigrants. Now I am no political student but last time I saw I Southend on Sea hadn't declared UDI and we do not have a border with the rest of Essex. How would they propose to stop immigration into Southend?
The BNP claim not to be a racist party yet they ban any one who isn't white from joining their party (although why anyone would want to join is beyond me). They try to be 'respectable' but still peddle extremist views, although they dress them up. They claim that they are 'victims' of a leftist conspiracy and that lies have been spread about them. Yet countless BNP members including leader Nick Griffin have been jailed for either racist attacks or spreading racial hatred. They are a very dangerous organisation who claim that they are the real champions of the 'indigenous British population' (i.e. anyone who isn't white). What this means is that anyone who doesn't support them and who values democracy, freedom and equality for everyone is their enemy. They hark on about Muslims, Poles and Czechs but they would soon include disabled people, Lesbian, Gay and Transsexuals and trade unionists. They hate but claim to love this country. A rich and diverse country that has a fine history of welcoming people of all races and creeds here.
Please, please use your vote on Thursday. I don't care who you vote for but stop the Fascist BNP.

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Blogger Sheddy said...

I disagree. Due to the contemptuous way the electorate have been treated in both local and national government I feel it is important that we all get into the polling booths on Thursday and vote the BNP into office. Lets face it, their policies are farcical but they would be hard pushed to do a worse job than the current motley shower of self serving sycophants. Look at the options. Vote the Tory's in and we receive more of the same. My own council representative seems to be spending more of his electioneering time slagging off the Lib-Dems than anything else. I don't know what his policies are, I just know that he doesn't like the Lib-Dems. Given the way the Government has performed, who in their right mind would elect "New Labour" (Old looney left?) to local Government as well? They are so adept at telling lies that they have even found a way to lie about the lies. They now call it "spin". They believe thier own bu****it so much that they would defeat a polygraph. Vote for the Lib-Dems? Not on your nelly!! you may as well vote for a hung council. Nothing will get done, no issues will be resolved .... but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some fantastic "research" involving junkets to destinations you could only afford to go to if the tax payer is footing the bill. First class, of course. There'll be nothing left in the coffers to implement the changes that those on the "research" trip recommend. Thats if they remain sober enough whilst "researching" to remember what it is they are there for. Get out on Thursday, vote for the BNP. Its a ridiculous party to vote for, they won't do anything worse than the current lick-spittals but at least they will receive a clear message that their current performance is unacceptable.

10:49 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks for your comments. However I don't think that the BNP are ridiculous. They are dangerous facsists yes and very serious about the evil message that they give.

I'd vote for any party that did nit peddle the racist, homophobic, sexist, disablist filth that they do to stop them getting in. Tories included.

The BNP are the biggest spinners in the business. So much so that they have been successful in elections in the past. Don't be drawn in by their 'acceptable' face.

1:32 pm

Blogger Sheddy said...

You take me wrong. I'm not encouraging people to vote for the BNP because they are a threat, far from it. If the BNP were to get into power in the big house we would have some big, big problems. as a local council however, they are no threat. Vote them in, let them show themselves for what they are, let the populace who think that facism is a good thing see for themselves that the BNP are a waste of time with fascist ideals and no workable policies. It would serve the dual purpose of additionally sending a rocket up the other three parties. Vote them in, let them prove themselves to be unworkable in local gov't and rid ourselves of the danger of the BNP being supported in the national elections.

5:23 pm

Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I won't be voting BNP, I agree they are very dangerous people.
I always use my vote, as I feel it would be an insult to those who fought for, and those who are still denied, the right to vote if I wasted it. However I am now reduced to voting for the party whose policies I dislike least, rather than those I like most.

9:45 pm

Anonymous mac said...

I vote Bnp, and yes it is wrong of them to only let white people join. this has to change.But we must wake up as to who the real homophobic sexist bigots are. I voted BNP to stop the racists.

11:21 am


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