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Sunday, October 05, 2008

You Know...

My laptop is all better. Apparently the motherboard was the problem. I have a new one now and and up and running again. As Joni Mitchell once sang "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

I, as tyou have gathered from the rubbish I write hear, and no Stephen Fry. My eloquence is limited at the best of times but at least I don't use the phrase 'you know' as punctuation. It has become increasing common amogst interviewees on the televison and radio to use this phrase constantly and it is starting to, you know, get on ,my tits, you know.

Very early this morning I was unlucky enough to hear Blackburn Rovers manager Paul Ince being interviewed on Radio Five Live. It was a ninety second indent and he uttered the phrase 'you know' seventeen times! At one stage he actually said and I quote "you know, you know". I know these people are not paid to speak but neither am I and I don't, you know, say 'you know; all the, 'you know' time.

It isn't just sports people either. Last week I heard a junior government minister (I can;t remember who) say it several times in an interview with Nicky Campbell. What is wrong with these people? 'You know' is it a form of punctuation. Silences between sentences are allowed and would make for much better listening.

I'm 'you know' going now. I've er, 'you know' had enough of 'you know'......



Blogger E F RICE said...

Aaah Paul Ince the Guvnor and well known wordsmith .... you know ! Coherent speech isn't his strong point and I am guessing the remainder of the interview included a fair proportion of the old classics 'to be fair', 'a game of two halves' and 'I'm disappointed'. Not a big fan of his to be honest MB.

7:56 pm

Blogger Piley said...

y'know, you've got a point there Marmite, but like, Basically, y'know, theres a whole raft of, like, anoying things, that people, like, keep saying. Basically, i'd say it's, like, lazy-itus.

12:20 am

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Like I think you're you both right like.

8:47 am

Blogger Planet Mondo said...

Didn't Blair start all that 'you know' business - 'at the end of the day' is one of my least fave phrases

2:19 pm

Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Basically, I feel murderous rage when listening to people who basically keep saying 'Basically'. At this moment in time I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it.

8:04 pm

Blogger Piley said...

yeah... 'end of' (!)

10:32 pm


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