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Sunday, October 28, 2007

And They Say Cricket Is Boring.

The National Football League has come to London. The Miami Dolphins American Football team are playing one of their 'home' games at Wembley Stadium against the New York Giants. It's on Sky at the moment and I must say I have rarely been so bored. It has often been said that America would never take to cricket because nothing happens and it takes too long!! Well tell me this, why does a game that is one hour long take 3 and a half hours to complete? Periods of play seem to last no more than 5 seconds (and that's a good one). Surely the concentration span of your average American is longer than this?

I'm going for a bath and I bet the bloody thing is still going on when I've finished an' all.

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Blogger Planet Mondo said...

Can be hard work to watch but used to love playing John Madden vid' games. I was a a terror for them and almost unstoppable at one point.

Gotta give Channel 4 a credit for using Eno/Byrne Jezebel Spirit as the the theme tune to NFL coverage when they first started broadcasting it back in the whenever's

9:46 am

Blogger Piley said...

agreed marmite - what was really pissing me off was it was 'top story' on the radio news, every hour almost all day - "how exciting, 1st league game out side of USA blah..." Hmm, interesting if you are American, perhaps! bet it wasn't even on their news!

bunch of bloody egg chasers!

10:09 pm

Blogger E F RICE said...

Would disagree slightly, I used to love American Fotball and it was at it's peak when Channel 4 provided 1 hour a week highlights and live play off and Superbowl action. Planet Mondo - (yes that theme tune is superb) . There is so much to this game if you love your tactics and stats !

To the untrained eye it can appear to be a bore, I have that problem with baseball and motor sports !

8:28 pm

Blogger ally. said...

and we get get to blame them for mucking up the turf . it's not that we're crap at football it was those bloody americans ruining our pitch.
always good to get your excuses in early.

9:40 am

Blogger Casdok said...

I just thought it was a man thing!!

11:59 am

Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I'd rather watch Stanley Cup Ice Hockey, much more exciting.

6:09 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

I agree Dame H,

Much more fighting for a start.


7:53 pm

Blogger Kippers said...

Have to agree with you on this one Marmiteboy. Even as a lifelong sports nut, I've never been able to get into gridiron. I suspect one reason Sky are going so big on it at the moment is because they're losing so much sport to Setanta. (the back-to-back-to-back Sunday night NFL games on Sky fill a big, US PGA Tour golf-shaped hole in their schedules, for a start.)

11:17 am

Blogger Jack Gestures said...

Flat earthers/Luddites the lot of you!! I like my British sports like everyone but Gridiron is a great spectacle. I like the fact it is so different to football or rugby or any team sport for that matter. Its great that there are roles in a team for a variety of physical sizes & types of athletes + positions that are pure skill like Quarterback or kickers.

Although I missed the recent game I had a great time when I saw two of the pre season games at wembley in the 80's. As for how long it lasts, at least you get some value for the million quid it costs to go to new wembley - better 3 hrs of NFL than 90 minutes of Englands usual football drivel.

Regards, Jack "the refidgerator" Gestures

2:58 pm


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