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Monday, September 24, 2007

Paddington Bear - A Very Brave Bear Indeed.

I have been quite upset at the flack that young Peruvian bear Paddington has been getting in the press. He has been accused, quite unfairly, of all kinds of misdemeanours all because he decided to take part in an ad campaign for Marmite. Readers will understand my defence of him. He has been championing marmalade since his arrival on our shores and as we all know to much chunky cut makes a bear a dull boy.

He has obviously decided to branch out a bit and why I am a little concerned that he has fallen for such a cheap marketing ploy as squeezy Marmite (which is obviously the work of the Nazi's or the Devil), his heart is in the right place. Marmite is such a superior spread. It is savoury, spicy and salty and is just the kind of thing to give a young bear a good start to the day. And anyway Marmalade has too much sugar in it and is bad for the teeth.

We, Marmite fans, must stand up for this courageous bear. He likes Marmite and isn't afraid to declare it. Paddington Bear we salute you.

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Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hear, hear! Marmite is rich in Vitamin B12, and a useful addition to a bear's diet. Bears should not eat too much sweet stuff, look what happened to Pooh when he ate too much honey.

Squeezy Marmite! What a horrible idea. You would miss the fun of scraping the jar with a coffee spoon.

9:52 pm

Blogger Piley said...

But MB, reading between the lines in the story posed on the Beeb, I got the distinct impression the little bear didn't rate the stuff in the slightest, and could wait to get back to the orange stuff.

Surely the little fella couldn't have been doing it just for the cash?

7:06 pm

Blogger seahorse said...

I was just thinking about having some marmite on toast, and this! Fabulous. I will never, ever buy squeezy Marmite. Ketchup yes, cos that was just stupid when it splatted out at the end of the bottle or refused to come out at all. But Marmite is sacred. I like my bits of butter and a few crumbs in there. And yes, marmalade has too much sugar in it.

11:43 pm


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