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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jesus And Mary Chain - Live Brixton Academy

Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain has always been one of my favourite albums. My old vinyl copy was virtually worn away because I played it so much. I loved the great waves of feedback that all but obliterated the vocals.

Mary Chain gigs were infamous. They were often short, chaotic, and violent with brothers Jim and William Reid usually ending up falling out (they apparently didn't get on at all). It pains me to say that I have never seen them live. It was at the time of my accident and I didn't see a gig for a few years. On Friday night though the situation was recitified.

It is always a bit worrying when you go and see a band some 15 years on, especially when you've held them in such high esteem. Can they still crack it? Will it be like your Mum and Dad going to see Freddie and the Dreamers? Well I was relieved when the Mary Chain hit the stage and opened up with 'Never Understand' there feedback ridden masterpiece. It was cleaner, and more proficient than 1985 version but still rocked and set the tone for the evening. They played most of what I would have wanted to hear, Taste Of Cindy, Just Like Honey and finisdhed with a barnstorming version of Reverence from Honey's Dead.

Three of my favourite gigs this year have turned out to be seeing bands that I first got into more than 15 years ago. This, Dinosaur Jr and Buffalo Tom earlier in the year have perhaps proved to me that the current scene is a bit lacking. I like to look forward with music because there is always something exciting that I've not heard yet, but on the evidence of Friday night I will checking the gig listings to see if any more old indie kids are strutting their stuff.



Blogger E F RICE said...

Fantastic gig, a sample off every album in their history, went far too quickly. The drummer deserves a special mention, he had all sorts of stuff to sort out from where we were looking !

8:50 pm

Blogger Planet Mondo said...

I agree - so much new stuff is lacking. Pop really has eaten itself and has nothing left to offer. TV, Film are just as bad.How can you get that same ol' sugar rush when it's a diluted version

4:15 pm


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