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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cheers Danny

Along with a couple of fellow bloggers (and friends of 20 years plus) I have set up a new blog called The Long Player. The premise is to write about the albums we have loved and that have had an impact on our lives. It is a real fanboy type of thing to do and Planet Mondo, Piley and me are sufficiently sad to be able to pontificate endlessly on what we believe to be great records.

The first album that was talked about was Power In The Darkness by the Tom Robinson Band. It was the first record that really meant something to me and moved me away from listening to just pop music. A couple of tracks are still amongst my favourites some 29 years after its release. TRB's guitarist was Danny Kustow who remains one of my very favourite guitarists of all time. Danny really goes for it on TRB's records and gives them a raw power and a sound of their own.

I recently joined Danny's Myspace page and was thrilled when he replied to a comment I'd left on his page. It was fantastic to be contacted by someone I'd regarded so highly. This week I emailed Danny and mentioned the post about Power In The Darkness and was really touched when I opened up my Myspace page today and found another email form Danny. He said how brilliant it was that I had written about the album and how true my comments were about it. he said he felt proud and thanked me from the bottom of his heart. It has made not only my day but quite possibly my week, month and year to hear this. Danny doesn't play professionally anymore and he deserves to be remembered as a truly great new wave guitarist. To discover that my post has made him feel proud of his work today is very special.

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Blogger Davy H said...

Rock legend endorsement from the off eh? Flash gits!

I wish yooz well x

10:55 pm

Blogger Planet Mondo said...

Good Work Fella - wonder if I can get any of the Pistols to chip in on my NMTB piece this coming Sunday.

12:58 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks Davy,

I reckon you should ring up McClaren, he hasn't been up to much lately. I've heard he likes a bit of publicity!!

7:16 pm

Blogger Piley said...

Hey, who you calling sad??! I've not even contributed yet!

My review of Phil Collins Greatest Hits is being worked on as we speak ;-)

11:48 pm

Blogger I Am Not The Beatles said...

Good stuff and endorsement - it's already my favourites! Good luck with it all, and thanks for sharing your Boys Wonder / Corduroy stories x

All the best,

Ian TB

8:29 pm

Blogger E F RICE said...

I had no idea you liked TRB MB! I remember this was one of the first albums I heard in full. Jack Gestures (football hooligan) had this on tape, and it got plenty of air play on the tiny Philips one speaker tape recorder we shared at the time.

8:34 pm


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