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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'll Be Back

Tory leader Little Dave Cameron has apparently popped over to California to hold 'talks' with the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apparently Dave and Arnie had a chat about gun crime. Cameron said "we had a long conversation about crime because really the principle reason I'm here, apart from the Google speech I've made, is to look at the issue of guns and gangs". He said that Arnie had also given him a gift of his dvd's.

Now I know that Schwarzenegger is the Governor of California and all that but I fail to see what input he can have into combating gun crime in the UK. The USA is one of the most violent countries in the world, gun crime is rife and the gun lobby has a massive influence over who gets elected and what laws are passed. I hate the Tories from the bottom of my heart (a legacy from the Thatcher era of the 1980's) but I would have liked to think that the days of them looking to the policies of right wing politicians (ex-actors or not) who promote the right to bear arms, are against same sex marriage and who has authorised the execution of prisioners had passed.

The Tory old guard and their cronies at the Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph are always harping on about the influence of the media and films on our young. I wonder how many of them will jump to condem Cameron's trip to seek the views of a man who made an entire career out of shooting hundreds of people dead in his films?

I'll be very surprised if they do.



Blogger Dame Honoria Glossop said...

He's probably going to see Charlton Heston next.
Chuck once famously ended a speech by holding a rifle over his head and saying "I have only five words for you: From my cold, dead hands."
Well, I have five words for him - "It could be arranged, Chuck."

9:09 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Indeed he did. I think that speech was the day after the Columbine massacare too. Nice bloke.

9:38 pm

Blogger Jack Gestures said...

1) This is my first ever post , Marmite boy will probably guess who I am!

2) On topic: I agree that getting Arnies opinions on gun crime is like asking Stalins advice on civil liberties, but I would also add that on some issues he is a moderate republican, eg by US standards he is pushing tough environmental policies in California.

2:57 pm


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