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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's Always Good To Do A New Thing.

I've done a number of 'new' things recently. Things that I have never done before. Why the sudden intrepidness then? Some of it is to do with a change in circumstances no doubt and some of it is because of greater confidence in myself. Whatever the reason it is definitely good to do new things.

New Things Wot I've Done.

1. I have become a manager.

Scary I know, letting me have any responsibility that involves the lives of others but a change at work meant I am now the manager to eight poor souls. It's something that I never ever had ambition to do and I was actually quite daunted at the prospect of ever having to do it. However, as it turns out I love it. Sure there wil be times when it will be difficult and I'l cross that bridge when I come to it, so far though it's been a really positive experience.

2. I have bought a Christmas tree.

This is a first. I always go to my parents in Cornwall for Christmas Day and have never bothered about getting one. Well you don't if you're on your own do you. This year though I have Lily and Sybil for Christmas which is going to be fab. It was good fun getting the tree and decorating it on Saturday night and I really like it being there. And so far the cats have ignored it.

3. I have completely shaved my head.

I have had short hair for a while now. I used to have a skinhead haircut (although I've never been a skinhead) about 13-14 years ago and it has generally always been very short. Recently I return to having it shaved to a Grade 2 and then went to a Grade 1 and then progressed to a Grade ½. On Saturday night I went one better and covered my head in shaving foam and shaved it off completely. It feels great (if a little cold) and Lily likes it so I'm going to keep it up for a bit.

4. I have started reading graphic novels.

I always mocked those who read graphic novels as not reading proper books. However, my mate Piley recently lent me some work by the great Alan Moore who wrote 'V For Vendetta', 'Watchman' , 'From Hell' and 'The League For Extraordinary Gentlemen' and I must say I'm hooked. Graphic novels are far, far more than just comics. They are complex, literary and above all a darn good read. I'm currently reading 'Fun House' by Alison Bechdel which for all intents and purposes is an autobiography. Excellent it is too.

So okay I've only done 4 new things but hey it's a start. Go on do a new thing today.

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