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Monday, September 11, 2006

I'd Like To Drop My Trousers To The Queen.

Morrissey said that in 'Nowhere Fast' and I'm inclined to agree with him at the moment. Why? I here you collectively ask. Well I'm sure you'll be joining me in a mass Republican moon after I divulge some information that has come my way regarding the shocking money making schemes that Buckingham Palace are involved with.

Now you maybe aware that a friend of mine has recently been awarded a Royal Badge in the Birthday Honours List. This is richly deserved, whatever your views of the honours system are. The date for the palatial visit has been set for November and my friend has been given further information about the souvenirs she can purchase to remind her of the day. Now I must admit to being surprised that you have to purchase these items. Surely, as a person who has been rewarded by the Queen one could expect that the items would be given to you. It seems not. However, what is a couple of quid for a photograph of you and Her Madge and a nice 30 minute DVD to mark the ocassion?

If only it was a couple of quid. If you want a photo of the moment they will set you back £17.50 a pop!! How outrageous is that? Not as outrageous as the cost of the DVD. The cost of this is a staggering £147.00 for a 30 minute DVD!!! That is bloody daylight robbery! How dare they charge this type of money for a flipping DVD!!

To a highly paid sports star, or an actor or captain of industry who has bought his peerge, this kind of money is a drop in the ocean. Probably a cost of a bottle of wine at The Ivy. However, isn't the Honours system meant to be for the 'ordinary' people of this country. For instance a Lollypop lady who has helped children across the road for 30 years and who earns minimum wage or a charity worker who has devoted their life to the cause for no recompense. How are they meant to afford £147 for a DVD? They will probably scrape the money together too as they will want some kind of memory of the day. It will go past in a blur otherwise and they won't be able to remember it all.

I think Buckingham Palace should be ashamed of itself. They aren't short of a few bob after all and this is a licence to print money. I have never been a Royalist, quite the opposite in fact, and this has only strenghtened my resolve that the sooner we get rid of them the better.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Well, three things. First, see my response to The Goldfish's latest blog - how do you know that HMQ & Co know anything about this; it could be the efforts of some middle-level bean-counter who's greasing the way to his/her own OBE, s/he hopes!

On the other hand, I have read, somewhere, that HMQ is always worried about money; no matter how many millions her lot have got, mostly due to a**e-licking politicians letting them off income-tax for generations, apparently she is convinced that come the revolution, she and Phil will have to go on benefits to survive. (Never mind that none of em has ever paid NI, either.)

Lastly, if we don't got them, whom would you rather we had instead? A couple of Tony's cronies? The next big contributor to a political party's lunchbox? A superannuated MP being promoted sideways; instead of going to the European Parliament they move into Buck House? Someone like Dubya or Tricky Dicky Nixon? You can bet your boots none of the egalitarian MPs are going to allow someone who has been freely voted into the position by the people; look how they are trying to prevent the House of Lords ever being democratized.

And if people who just marry into Royalty, rather than be bred to it like battery fowls, can't cope with the life, how would an ersatz royal and his/her family manage?

And how long for? Limited term, presumably; that means we can go the US route of spending millions on Presidential elections every few years and let the job of running the country go hang while we do.

Sorry, MB, rant over.

12:53 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

it would really depend if it had some rilly cooool extras on the DVD like on Terminator 3.

8:09 pm

Blogger The Goldfish said...

I agree with Nu-Metal Boy. Are their extras on these DVDs? Deleted Scenes? But most of all....

Will there be out-takes?

On a serious note, it is a scandal. But Lizzy probably doesn't have much idea about it, and if she did, she wouldn't really know how much £150 is in the real world...

11:27 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...


You said 'whom would you rather have instead?' Well, who said we need to have anybody. It seems that the convention is that if you don't have a Royal family then you MUST have a President. Who says? Why not be radical and have neither. Would the world really come crashing down? The civil service run this country anyway so I don't se why we need a figure head, powerful or not.

7:57 am

Blogger Charlesdawson said...

Come on, MB, you've got to have somebody as a figurehead, to look bored to tears at the Royal Variety Performance and to give dinners to visiting foreign potentates to cosset their egos.

That said, perhaps it would be a good idea not to have anyone open Parliament. They might all go away then. Would anyone notice?

11:42 am

Blogger E F RICE II said...

I assume you forfeit the day off every year you get for the Queens Birthday MB!?

Just playing Devil's advocate son, I agree with what your getting at.

10:46 pm

Anonymous Carlo said...

Good JOb! :)

7:40 am


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