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Friday, September 08, 2006

To pierce, or not to pierce, that is the question?

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm 41 and vainly battling the onset of middle-age. I'm not doing too badlyI think. I still have a vaguely trendy wardrobe, I shave my hair (none of which is gray), I'm still down with the kids musically, I go to gigs, I go to festivals as a steward (a young mans game surely), I wear Converse All-Stars and I don't own a cardigan. I really am quite a whipper-snapper.

Recently however I have hit upon an idea that might just be pushing things to far. You see, I want to get my nose pierced. I have been pierced before. I had three earrings at one stage (not worn these days) and about 6 years ago I had my left nipple done. This lasted about 9 months until it grew out (don't ask, it wasn't pleasant) and I had to remove it with a pair of my Uncle's pliers. So why the reticence this time? Well, I am 41 years old. Surely I should have grown up a bit now? I'm not worried about the pain, having four tattoo's has shown that. I dress in a way that will probably carry it off. I don't wear casual shirts and slacks for a start. But will having my nose pierced ( I want a nose ring as opposed to a stud) just make me look like a sad old twat?

There is of course only one answer to this. Have it done and be damned. Then if I look ridiculous I can take it out. And that is what I'm going to do once the sniffles have cleared up. I don't thing nose rings and snot really works together very well.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

1. Go the whole hog. Get a Prince Albert.
2. Get a nose ring and a cardigan. That'll confuse everybody.

6:08 pm

Blogger E F RICE II said...

Not my cup of tea as you know MB. However, go for it if you want to do it, has nothing to do with age and stuff.

One comment I would make is that this could detract from your lovely smile !!

8:48 pm

Blogger GroovyCrimes said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:29 pm

Blogger Nu-Metal-Boy said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH go for it! maybe watching slayer at the reading festival has turned you to nu metal after all. i think the pierced eyebrow is totally cool too.

11:00 pm

Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Is Young Master Marmite not asking the wrong people?

Lady Bracknell would have thought that the lovely Lily's opinion of his proposed action would be of greater import than those of his chums in cyberspace, none of whom will be forced to gaze upon his perforated visage.

8:00 am

Blogger stella said...

Oh hell yes! Do it!

I have had my nose pierced for 9 years and fluctuated between the ring and the stud. The stud looks a bit better on me because I have a really small face, and struggle to find small enough rings. But the ring would be awesome on you!

Let me assure you that while new nose piercings and snot don't get along very well, once it's healed you'll be right as rain!

Can't wait to see a photo!

9:13 am

Blogger The Goldfish said...

I am inclined to agree with others on this item;

A nose ring and cardigan would look well cool. It has nothing to do with age, nothing whatsoever.

Also, one does have to ask what Lily makes of this idea? If she's for it, then I see no reason why not.

Oh... except work. Sometimes these things can cause unexpected trouble, even when dress codes are very informal. Might be worth checking out.

9:15 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...

Thanks folks. I have asked Lily and she is all for it, which is nice. As for work Ms Goldfish as a manager I feel it is my duty to both dress and act totally inappropriately ;-)

8:02 am


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