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Monday, May 14, 2007

Driving The Wheels Of Steel

Friday night saw the 4oth birthday party of my ex-flatmate Paul. I've known Paul since junior school and we've been good mates for some 20 years or so I was looking forward to helping him celebrate his big four-oh.

He had was implicated in the deceit, lies and shenanigans that went on behind my back when a surprise 40th birthday party was sprung for me in 2005. Along with Lady B's editor, my friend Debbie and my sister he was a major player (along with various other mates) in making it one of the most memorable nights of my life.Paul had asked regular commentator to this blog Mr E.F. Rice, his brother Jack Gestures and E Piley to provide the music for this occasion. We were the bread in a Frank Sanazi sandwich. Frank is one of the funniest acts on the comedy circuit at the moment and I urge you to catch him if you can. Basically he is a very good Frank Sinatra impersonator who dresses up as Hitler and parodies Sinatra songs giving them a rather brilliant twist. He can be caught via the link and on Myspace.We all had great fun playing some of our favourite tunes.

EF and I played a mixture of 90's indie pop such as Black Grape, The Charlatans, Primal Scream, Beck and that floor filler of floor fillers The Breeders seminal 'Cannonball', mixed up with a bit of 70's disco including Chic, Sister Sledge, Rose Royce's 'Carwash' and The Jackson Five's 'ABC'. The Beastie Boys, The Pistols, Dinosaur Jnr and Sonic Youth's 'Kool Thing'. It all ended too early when we had to turn the music off at mid-night. We were just getting into the groove and it all had to stop. EF's 40th is a couple of years away and I can't wait to spin the decks again.It was a top night and I just like to thank Paul for a great evening. Cheers bloke, it was a blinder.



Blogger E F RICE II said...

I can confirm what a great night it was Marm. It was super fun laying on some music, with great stuff played by the enterprising quartet on the night. The birthday boy was thoroughly drunk by the end of the night and had a great time !

May need to manage your expectations for my 40th (I'm 32 by the way .......!!??) but I don't really like being the centre of attention. Consider this the ealriest party invite in history for a bit of a summer BBQ round my gaff. Could hire some equipment for an outdoor gig on my patio I guess !

8:39 pm

Blogger spacehopper said...

It was a tip top night - I almost shook a leg, but was too busy clinging on to the bar. Good Work Rocker

2:57 pm

Blogger Philip. said...

My God, I am 40 in less than 2 weeks.

I feel so old!! - LOL

12:49 pm

Blogger marmiteboy said...


Being forty is great. You can be disgraceful and not have to worry about getting old.

8:54 pm


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